15 Best Places to Find Sublets in New York City - NYC Reviewed (2024)

Dreaming of moving to New York City?

Overall, it offers one of the busiest environments in the world.

However, finding the perfect place to live can be tough. This is especially true if you’re seeking short-term stays.

Luckily, subletting is popular in the Big Apple and provides flexibility. So you can explore neighborhoods before committing to a long-term lease.

I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best places and websites to find sublets in New York City. It will give you a head start in your search for the perfect temporary home.

So, who are these subletting websites?

See them below.

Table of Contents

What is a Sublet: Meaning & Definition

A sublet is when the current tenant rents out a property or part of it to another person, called the subtenant. The subtenant temporarily occupies the property. They pay rent to the original tenant, not the landlord.

What is the convenience of subleasing an apartment?

Subleasing an apartment offers several conveniences, here are just two of them:

  1. It allows tenants to lease their apartment when they are away or have extra space. This helps them avoid paying rent for an unoccupied unit.
  2. Subleasing provides flexibility. It’s for people seeking short-term accommodation, like students or professionals on temporary assignments. They get it without committing to a long-term lease.

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15 Best Ways/Places to Find Sublets in New York City

I’ve listed the top fifteen places where you can find subleases in NYC.

But first, I recommend watching this video. It can help you before booking a studio apartment:

Now, let’s explore the options!!

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a go-to platform for many New Yorkers when it comes to finding sublets. It’s easy to navigate and offers a wide range of listings.

To find New York City sublets on Craigslist, visit the “Housing” section. Filter the search results by “sublets/temporary.”

Be cautious and thoroughly vet each listing to avoid scams. Contact potential subletters quickly. Plan viewings to get the best sublet for your needs.

2. Facebook Groups

While seeking sublets in the Big Apple, Facebook Groups are valuable. They help people find subleases in New York City.

For example, you can join groups like “NYC Sublets and Apartments” or “Gypsy Housing” to connect with individuals looking to sublet their spaces.

Post about your search, and reach out to potential subletters directly. Building relationships within these groups can increase your chances. You can find the perfect sublease in NYC.

3. Sublet.com

Sublet.com is another platform for finding short-term rentals in the city of New York. Its user-friendly interface allows you to search by location, price range, and duration.

4. Roomi

Roomi provides verified listings. It offers features like in-app messaging. These help potential subletters and subtenants talk.

With Roomi, you can browse profiles. You can connect with people who share your interests and lifestyles. This personal touch can help ensure a more compatible subletting experience.

5. SpareRoom

SpareRoom is a versatile platform. It serves both long-term and short-term rentals, including sublets. It lets you search for sublets in specific neighborhoods.

To know more about the policy of the company and the roommates you can read here.

6. Hello Landing

The apartments at Hello Landing are meticulously designed. They pay attention to every detail. This ensures a comfortable and stylish living space. They prioritize convenience and provide locations near business centers and public transportation.

So whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Hello Landing offers some of the best short-term leases in NYC. They allow for a hassle-free move-in and a comfortable living situation.

7. HotPads

HotPads is a comprehensive platform that covers various types of rentals, including sublets. Its map-based interface allows you to visualize available sublets in your desired neighborhood.

HotPads also offers a mobile app, enabling you to stay updated on new listings while on the go.

8. Housing Anywhere

15 Best Places to Find Sublets in New York City - NYC Reviewed (1)

Housing Anywhere

is a platform that connects people looking for places to stay with landlords.

On their website, you can find many rental options in New York City. These options include furnished apartments and rooms for rent.

They provide many choices. These include studios, private rooms, and apartments. They cater to different needs and preferences.

Also, the Housing Anywhere platform offers a wide price range, accommodating various budgets. This allows individuals to find sublease options that align with their financial capabilities.

9. RentHop

Rent Hop is another place you can search for sublets that cater to the sublet market in New York City. It specializes in serving the sublet market specifically, thus attracting sublet seekers.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb is mainly known for short vacations, true!

But it also offers sublets in New York City.

To find subleases on Airbnb, set your search for longer stays. These are typically a month or more.

Keep in mind that some listings may require approval from the host before booking.

So, read the descriptions, reviews, and cancellation policies carefully. Do this to ensure a smooth subletting experience.

11. Leasebreak

Leasebreak is another great source to rent subleases in NYC. This platform is for sublet listings and lease takeovers. It allows you to search for sublets by location and duration.

This platform’s interface has lots of details about each listing. It includes move-in dates, rent prices, and lease terms.

12. StreetEasy

StreetEasy, known for its extensive listings of long-term rentals, also offers sublet search functionality.

You can find detailed information about each listing. It includes insights about the neighborhood, transport options, and nearby amenities.

Plus, it has a map as well.

13. Word of Mouth

Networking and word of mouth can be powerful tools when searching for sublets in New York City.

Tell your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Let them know you’re looking for a sublet. They may know someone who plans to sublet.

Or they may know someone in real estate. Personal referrals can uncover hidden gems. They aren’t listed on popular platforms.

14. CoHabs

Cohabs.com offers interesting subleting options in New York City. This platform is known for its focus on co-living spaces. Their options often include furnished apartments with shared common areas and amenities.

15. RoomsR

If you are a student in NYC, the RoomsR platform is right for you. It provides convenient and reliable housing solutions for students seeking short-term stays.

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What to Consider When Seeking Sublets in New York City

15 Best Places to Find Sublets in New York City - NYC Reviewed (2)

1. Legal Considerations

Before you start subletting, study the local laws. They govern sublets in New York City.

This is pretty important. Knowing your rights and duties as a subletter will help you avoid legal issues and conflicts.

So, always review the lease agreement thoroughly. Seek permission from the main tenant and the landlord. Make sure subletting is allowed.

2. Budgetary Factors, indeed!

One major advantage of subletting is its low cost. It’s much cheaper than renting a full apartment.

However, you must define your budget first.

Then, you must see if the sublet is affordable. Consider factors. These include rent, utilities, and extra fees. They are part of the total cost.

Setting a suitable budget will help you narrow down your options. It will help you find a sublet that fits your finances.

3. Location & Neighborhood

New York City has many neighborhoods.

For example, Irish neighborhoods are great for Irish people. They’re willing to relocate to NYC and feel confident there.

When searching for a sublet, consider the location and neighborhood. They should align with your preferences and lifestyle.

Prefer the busy streets of Manhattan or the artistic Brooklyn?

Just research those neighborhoods and visit them if you can. Evaluate their nearness to your workplace, schools, and essential amenities.

4. Safety & Security

Safety should be a top priority when searching for sublets in any city, and New York City is no exception.

So take precautions to ensure your security and protect yourself from scams. Check the backgrounds of potential subletters. Verify their identity. Be cautious of any suspicious requests or deals.

Trust your instincts. If you can, have in-person meetings or virtual tours before finalizing deals.

5. Roommate Compatibility

In many sublet situations, you may be sharing the living space with other roommates. Finding compatible roommates can greatly enhance your subletting experience.

So consider factors such as lifestyle, cleanliness, and personal preferences when assessing compatibility.

And don’t forget to have open and honest talks with potential roommates. This will ensure a peaceful sublet.

6. Furnished vs. Unfurnished Sublets

When choosing a sublet, you’ll often find both furnished and unfurnished ones. Each has its advantages and considerations.

After all, furnished sublets are pretty convenient and can save your budget. But they may cost more.

Unfurnished sublets allow for more personalization. But, they need extra money and effort to furnish the space.

Here, consider your needs, budget, and the duration of your stay when deciding between the two.

7. Sublet Duration

Before subletting, you must decide how long you want to stay.

For example, some sublets offer short-term options. Others may have longer leases.

So assess your plans and commitments. Negotiate lease terms that fit your needs.

Also, extending a sublet past the agreed-upon duration may need renegotiation. The primary tenant or landlord must approve it.

8. Amenities and Facilities

Consider the amenities and facilities in the sublet. Check if they meet your needs. New York City sublets have many common amenities. Among them are laundry facilities, gyms, rooftops, and communal spaces.

Make a list of essential amenities and focus on them according to your preferences.

Some amenities may improve your life.

Others may add to the cost. So, find a balance that fits your needs and budget.

9. Communication & Documentation

Clear and effective communication with the subletting party is vital. It’s required for a successful subletting experience.

For example, you can keep open lines of talk. You can use them to address concerns, explain expectations, and end conflicts.

Record all agreements. This includes lease terms, rent payments, and shared responsibilities. Doing this avoids misunderstandings and ensures everyone agrees.

10. Subletting Etiquette

Respect for the rights and privacy of the primary tenant is crucial when subletting.

Follow subletting etiquette. Be considerate of the main tenant’s belongings, space, and rules.

Keep shared spaces clean and tidy and be mindful of noise. Speak openly about any issues or concerns during your sublet.

Fostering a respectful and cooperative environment will contribute to a positive subletting experience.

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11. Additional Costs & Responsibilities

In addition to rent, there may be other costs associated with subletting. Subletting can bring many common expenses. These include utilities, internet bills, and maintenance fees.

But clarify who is responsible for these costs and ensure they are factored into your budget.

In addition, be aware of your responsibilities as a subletter. They include following building rules. And, caring for the property and quickly reporting any issues.

12. Visiting & Inspecting the Sublet

Before committing to a sublet, it’s essential to visit and inspect the property. Schedule a time to view the sublet.

Carefully assess its condition, cleanliness, and functionality. Look for damage. Ask about maintenance and repairs.

If an in-person visit is not possible, request a virtual tour or video call to get a better sense of the space. That’s why many people prefer subletting websites that have virtual tour options in the apartment description.

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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Seeking Sublets in NYC

15 Best Places to Find Sublets in New York City - NYC Reviewed (3)

Every year, close to 60mln people visit the city of New York.

That’s why subletting is a popular option in the city.

However, when searching for a sublease, people make these five mistakes quite often:

Mistake 1: Not Understanding the Legalities

Here are two common mistakes people make in this regard:

First, when considering a sublet you must review the original lease terms.

Also, look at any restrictions set by the landlord or property management. Some leases ban subletting entirely. Others require written permission or impose sublet duration restrictions.

Secondly, always check that the sublessor was authorized before you commit to a sublet. They need it from the landlord or property owner. Ask for documentation or written consent.

Mistake 2: Lack of Research on the Neighborhood

New York City neighborhoods vary greatly in terms of safety and crime rates.

Research the neighborhood’s crime statistics. Do this to ensure you feel secure there. It’s always better to prioritize your safety and well-being.

Plus, each neighborhood in New York City has its unique amenities and services.

Consider your lifestyle and preferences. Make sure the neighborhood you choose has the facilities you need.

Mistake 3: Not Inspecting the Sublet Property

Unfortunately, some people skip this step, but it’s important, in my opinion.

I would advise you to visit the sublet before agreeing. Photos can deceive. A visit lets you judge the property’s condition, size, and fit for your needs.

During your visit, pay close attention to the condition of the property. Look for any signs of damage, pests, or maintenance issues.

If you notice anything concerning, tell the sublessor. Make sure they fix the problems before you move in.

Mistake 4: Poor Communication with the Sublessor

Here are two common communication mistakes to avoid.

First of all, from the beginning, discuss your expectations and responsibilities with the sublessor. Discuss matters such as rent due dates and utility bills.

Also, talk about shared spaces and any house rules.

Secondly, in a subletting arrangement, it should be mentioned who will do the maintenance. Who must do repairs must also be clear. Address this topic with the sublessor and clearly define each party’s responsibilities.

Ignoring this can lead to delays and sharing repair costs.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the Subletting Agreement

The subletting agreement is a binding document. It outlines the terms and conditions of the sublet.

So carefully review the payment terms stated in the subletting agreement.

Be aware of the due dates, acceptable payment methods, and any penalties for late payments.

Also, understand the security deposit requirements. Know the conditions for its return to you.

Subletting agreements often have renewal and termination policies. They dictate the sublet’s duration and the process for extending or ending it.

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FAQs on Renting Subleases in New York City

Is subletting legal in NYC?

Yes, subletting is legal in New York City.

However, it is crucial to understand the legal requirements and obtain proper authorization from the landlord or property owner.

Can I sublet my apartment without written permission from my landlord?

No, it is not advisable to sublet your apartment without written permission from your landlord.

How can I research the safety of a neighborhood in New York City?

You can research the safety of a neighborhood in New York City by:

  • Checking crime statistics;
  • Speaking with residents;
  • And exploring online sources providing insights into the area’s safety.

How long can I sublet an apartment in New York City?

Sublet durations can vary. Some sublets may be as short as a month, while others can extend up to a year. So it depends on the agreement between the subletter and the leaseholder.

Are sublets furnished or unfurnished?

Sublets can be either furnished or unfurnished, depending on the arrangement. Make sure to clarify this with the subletter before finalizing the agreement.

Are utilities included in sublet agreements?

It varies. Clarify this with the subletter before committing to a sublet.

What documents do I need for subletting in New York City?

Subletting requirements may vary, but typically you will need to provide:

  • Identification (mandatory);
  • Proof of income (mandatory);
  • Some References (not always);
  • And security deposit (not always).

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Finding the ideal sublet in New York City requires diligent searching. You must explore many platforms.

However, on the way to search, you should consider many things to avoid any issues or mistakes.

So remember to be proactive. Thoroughly research each listing and act fast when you find the right sublet for your needs.

Good luck!

15 Best Places to Find Sublets in New York City - NYC Reviewed (2024)


Where is the best place to find sublets in NYC? ›

Gypsy Housing NYC is one of the best resources for finding sublets in NYC. Gypsy Housing is a popular Facebook group where people post available rooms in their subket NYC apartments. Join the Facebook group and browse around. Sometimes, people post some great deals and offer some incredible housing situations.

Is subletting in NYC easy? ›

Before subletting your apartment, you must notify your landlord and provide them with a 30-day notice. Under New York law, landlords cannot unreasonably withhold the right to sublet. However, they can refuse to sublet with a valid reason, such as concerns about the proposed subtenant's financial stability.

Is Ohana subleasing legit? ›

Ohana's team of professionals also reviews all sublease listings to ensure that they are legitimate and run by trustworthy tenants, one way by verifying ID. All listings under Ohana's service adhere to these specific guidelines to protect college students from scams or fraud.

What is gypsy housing in NYC? ›

About us. We build a platform that helps people find flexible, affordable housing and connect with roommates who make the big borough like Brooklyn feel like home to some from a small town. Website https://www.facebook.com/gypsyhousing. External link for Gypsy Housing.

Where is the lowest rent in NYC? ›

Top Cheapest Neighborhoods in NYC
  1. Inwood, Manhattan. Inwood is easily one of the most affordable options if you want to live in a Manhattan neighborhood. ...
  2. Washington Heights, Manhattan. ...
  3. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. ...
  4. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. ...
  5. Briarwood, Queens. ...
  6. Flushing, Queens. ...
  7. Country Club, The Bronx. ...
  8. Morris Park, The Bronx.
Nov 29, 2023

How do I find good tenants in NYC? ›

Running a background check on your tenants
  1. Verify if tenants' monthly income equals at least three times the monthly rent;
  2. Ask for copies of their pay stubs;
  3. Get in touch with their employers for further information;
  4. Verify if they pay bills on time;
  5. Check for potential criminal records;

What is an illegal sublet in NYC? ›

New York City law allows market-rate and rent-stabilized tenants to sublet their apartments if they live in a building with four or more units. New York City law does not allow tenants that live in multiple dwellings (3 apartments or more) to sublet apartments for less than thirty days.

Can you kick out a Subletter NYC? ›

Generally, a master tenant, landlord or property manager may evict a subletter for the same reasons as they would a tenant. This might include for non-payment, staying beyond the term called for in the agreement, causing damage, or violating the lease or sublease's rules.

What are the negatives of subletting? ›

An example of a disadvantage of subletting is that there is a further party in the commercial lease process, which can cause complications. Also, both the commercial tenant and landlord sometimes have less control over the lease terms.

How to tell if a sublease is legit? ›

A single, almost-blank lease document: As a sublessee, be wary if you're presented with only one document to sign containing limited information. A reputable landlord will have you complete a detailed lease agreement and additional paperwork that details the sublease terms.

Why do landlords hate subleasing? ›

If the subtenant is somewhat shaky financially, the risk is not only that the subtenant will not live up to their obligations. An additional risk is the potential for extensive time and expense of eviction and remarketing the space.

Does subleasing hurt your credit? ›

Depending on how your property management company reports the data, it may appear on your credit report. So, it's important that you are mindful of the lease agreement conditions. Leaving your studio without providing advance notice, finding a subletter or making similar arrangements could affect your credit history.

Are vrbos illegal in NYC? ›

NYC just all but banned Airbnb and Vrbo in a new law requiring mass registration.

What is Section 9 housing NYC? ›

Currently, NYCHA's buildings are funded with Section 9 subsidies from HUD (Section 9 refers to Section 9 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, which established a federal funding system for public housing).

What is a gypsy scheme? ›

Gypsy scams are incidents that occur in daylight hours, in which the suspect will, literally, walk right into someone's home for the purpose of stealing jewelry or money. Very often, the homeowner is either in or near the home.

What is the best way to find roommates in NYC? ›

Table of contents
  1. June Homes.
  2. Roomies.
  3. Diggz.
  4. Spareroom.
  5. Roommatch.
  6. Social Platforms (Facebook Groups, Reddit, Discord)
  7. Craigslist.
  8. Pro Tip: Navigating the NYC Roommate Search – Stay Scam-Smart!
Feb 9, 2024

How to find a quiet apartment in NYC? ›

The quietest neighborhoods are usually filled with residential or office buildings. Check the Hush City App from the building your prospective apartment is in. Hush City is essentially Yelp for noise levels. Users can review any location's acoustics and you can cross reference that in your apartment search.

How do you sublease in New York? ›

You are entitled to request permission to sublet from the owner, and the owner may not unreasonably refuse such permission. However, you must inform the owner by certified mail, return receipt requested, no less than 30 days prior to the proposed subletting.

How do I find the perfect apartment in NYC? ›

Apartment Hunting Tips
  1. Real Estate Apps and Websites. There is an ever-increasing and changing set of websites and smartphone apps to help New Yorkers find a place to rent or buy. ...
  2. Brokers. ...
  3. Word-of-Mouth. ...
  4. Classified Ads. ...
  5. Walking Around. ...
  6. Housing Office. ...
  7. Finding a Vacant Apartment in Same Building. ...
  8. NYCHA.

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