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About Great Clips Online Check in

What is Great Clips Online Check in? The Online Check-In app allows users to save time by checking estimated wait times for hair salons near them and getting on the waitlist from wherever they are. The app also offers features such as ReadyNext® text alerts and the ability to save favorite salons for future check-ins.


- Check estimated wait times based on current conditions in the salon and updates in real time.

- Online Check-In: Save time by checking in to the salon ahead of time and saving your place in line.

- ReadyNext®: Get text alerts to notify you when your estimated wait time reaches 15 minutes as your cue to head to the salon.

- Save your favorite hair salon so it’s even quicker next time you check in!

- No login, email, or profile required to check in.

- Can be used for all services except perms and formal updos.

- Can be accessed from any device with internet.

- Cancel check-in at any time.

- Estimated wait times assume you are getting the next available stylist.

- Online Check-In is available during salon hours, except for the first five minutes a salon is scheduled to be open.

- Late arrivals will still be kept on the list for a short period of time.

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Key Benefits of Great Clips Online Check in

- Always greeted when I walked in

- Wait was never longer than I was told when I arrived

- Got to know several stylists over the years

- Convenience of checking in

- Rhonda at Great Clips of Downingtown PA is nothing short of amazing

25 Great Clips Online Check in Reviews

4.8 out of 5

By S911S


I have been going to the Winchester store since they opined. Prior to that I went to the location in Tullahoma next to Peebles. At BOTH locations I was ALWAYS greeted when I walked in, and told about how long the wait would be. The wait was NEVER longer than I was told when I arrived. I have gotten to know several stylists over the years and we keep up to date on events and families during visits. I LOVE GreatClipsOnlineCheckin and the convenience of checking in. I wish there was a way of knowing what stylists are working that day. There are a couple that I have gotten to know but they are off when I come in. I understand there may be a safety issue with posting names. It would just be nice if I could go when my favorites are there. However, EVERYONE is friendly and professional. I wouldn't think of going to a different salon.

By Ritchhart

Pitiful if your blind

Its pathetic that I as a blind person cannot use GreatClipsOnlineCheckin because of how poorly created it is. I should not need a sighted person helping me every time "I want to make an appointment" On "MY PHONE!" Please, will someone hire some blind people with apple devices and have them beta test this with voiceover? If you don't know what I'm talking about, settings>General>Accessibility>Voiceover. Or, Just ask Siri to turn on Voiceover. Its an accessible feature for the blind and low vision that allows someone like myself, to write a poor review on apps like this that lack a lot from mislabeled buttons to not even having the check-in button anywhere within reading range of my phones accessibility features to pick up when I'm moving my finger across the screen. Not trying to rip into yall, but too many businesses make excuses as to why they don't make things available for everyone including the blind. Too much money, would ruin the layout... I'll just say this now. Its cheep. Also, theres ways of doing it that will not kill your layout. There is a lot of blind folks out there who are computer programmers who work along with sighted computer programmers, especially at Apple. Look at a lot of apples products for a day with your eyes closed, and just using voiceover on your iPhones. Now, do the same thing with your app and you'll see what I mean. Please, I beg of you to fix this.

By rachael_9667

Great service but app needs some tweaking

I have visited the same salon for years, but only recently started using GreatClipsOnlineCheckin . I don’t know if it’s saving me time or mostly saving them time, but one thing that is desperately needed is a way to request a specific stylist. In our case, it would be helpful to AVOID a specific stylist who was horrible to my young son, made him cry, flatly refused to read or replicate his previous haircut instructions and instead grabbed a pair of clippers and shaved massive amounts of hair off before I jumped up to stop her. She was extremely rude to me when I was nothing but pleasant to her, even as she was condescending and argumentative.

There needs to be an option to select “first available” if a customer doesn't care who cuts their hair or a drop down list (of each stylist working at that time) so customers can request to wait for one in particular. We won’t be back until that function or option is available because I value my family’s well-being and intentionally inflicting trauma on them isn’t ok. Great Clips might operate on the idea that “anyone can do it” but the truth when dealing with the uncertainty of human attitudes and abilities is that not everyone will.

By Maslodee

Multiple numbers/wait time max out

Love GreatClipsOnlineCheckin ! Just a foot note...sometimes I check in with my friends/family and they have different numbers...when we check in, we have to have some one put at the bottom of the list, (the comp asks for one number and assumes we have the same accounts) however the stylists do a wonderful job of honoring my friend’s spot, the only bad part is that other customers don’t know that my friends checked In with me. Is there a way you guys can revamp either GreatClipsOnlineCheckin or the computer system to prompt the stylist for another number so that this issue can be less of a hassle?
When the wait time is maxed out is there a way for GreatClipsOnlineCheckin to say walk in only. What it says now it’s too confusing for some people.
Also is there a way to notify people when the time goes up for lunch and end of day. Or adjust some how before we get our text to let us know that the salon is running behind.
It very miss leading to us consumers that we’ve been in the waiting list 2+ hours and still have to wait longer cause the stylists punching out.
Thank you for your time!

By Shanesan1

Convenient for the customer?

I have used the GC app perhaps since it was originally introduced. I’ve never really had a problem, as I always tend to go when things are slower. Tried the updated app today and observed a 35 min wait time. I opted for the text notification and waited at home for 10 mins only to find the wait was now 39 mins. So, I decided to drive to the store since my guess was that people arriving at the store were getting placed in front of me in the queue. Checked in and was told the wait was 35 mins though my app said 21 mins.

Suggestion: the queue should adjust based upon a person’s check-in time on either GreatClipsOnlineCheckin or in store. If one checks in online at 4 but arrives at the store at 4:15 (before their estimated time) they should be in the queue before someone who checks into the store at 4:05 (in-store check-in vs online check-in). The restaurants seems to have this down but not GreatClipsOnlineCheckin. I understand that shifts change, things take longer/shorter than expected, but someone shouldn’t end up waiting an hour when the estimated wait time is 35 mins at check-in.

By TheBabaian

Pointless-Just check in online.

Made an account, password and email don’t work to sign into their website, thus I can’t adjust if they sell my information. So I made the account on the ap, within the ap I tap “don’t sell my information” it forwarded me to the website and asked me to sign in. I used the exact password and email. Typed it out twice. It said “the email and password you used don’t match any account. Please try again“. It only gave me 3 more attempts, I tried once again and it still wouldn’t take the password and email. My phone saved them so I knew they were correct. Either way, the second time I tried to type it carefully to be sure an error wasn’t made. After that, two attempts. Guess they’ll be selling my info as I am unable to change this. Assuming the developers will comment “If you would like to explain more, email us here”. No need to explain more. I’ve given you a step by step of how it doesn’t work well. You should allow people to adjust how you sell or use their information rather than giving the option and then not allowing it.

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By elspeedbumpo

Is it the app’s fault or the store?

I checked in through GreatClipsOnlineCheckin given a 50min wait time and also signed up for text alerts when it’s supposed to be a 15min wait and to come in the lobby. I got that text at 1:51 PM and headed into the lobby where I was told the wait should be 15min unless people that signed up ahead of me showed up then it’d be much longer. Those people did show up and now it’s 2:26 PM still waiting in the lobby.

The whole point of GreatClipsOnlineCheckin for me, and most, is to save time by signing up through GreatClipsOnlineCheckin and not having to wait more than 15 minutes in a Great Clips lobby at the mall. Im not sure what or who initiates the text for the warning, but it’s sure not accurate or helpful at all. This is the second time I've had something like this happen now and before I just didn't have the extra unplanned time to wait, so I had to lave without a haircut and a loss of time.

Hopefully this can be fixed, but until then this will be the last time I go through Great Clips (app or store).

By Brackett84

Pretty Good - Room for improvement

5/5 - Ease of use. The map makes it super easy to find a location, along with an accurate wait time, and will even text you when you’re about up. These features easily make GreatClipsOnlineCheckin 4 stars.

Room for improvement: it would be nice to see what stylist is working at each location along with experience and maybe length of employment(optional) to help enforce confidence. If nothing else, people who like to have a specific stylist to cut their hair would greatly appreciate that feature rather than either calling to find out which takes time from the stylist or walking in when scheduling an appointment and find out that way. Other than that and the various little bugs (when reminder pops up and asks to remind you in 3 weeks doesn’t ever work), which is annoying, but easy to dismiss. Wonderful app overall.

By L55D47

Dennis Perrine

Today this place give me a great hair cut. Yesterday was a different story. Yesterday I checked in on GreatClipsOnlineCheckin , it said I had a 31 min. wait. That’s cool I check in on GreatClipsOnlineCheckin . I took my time getting to the shop at 159th and 69 Highway in Overland Park Kansas. Got there I was the First name on the list, there was only two people cutting hair. Two people were getting hair cuts one person waiting. By the time they got to me ,I had been there about 45 minutes. Then a guy walk in and they told me he was next, I left the shop and I will not be back to that shop again. The shop I went to today was great I didn’t have to wait and they treated me with respect. The shop today was in Prairie Village Kansas. Someone needs to talk to the manager at yesterday’s shop. It’s such a nice shopping center but bad customer service.

By katerinaxoxo

Careful when you check-in online!

I live an hour away from a barber. So I used online check-in to get my son in. I decided to check him in online soon as they opened and make the drive over so when I got there wait time would be minimal. I got there and was told that even though I checked in at 9am when they opened and I did check in they actually dont accept check ins until 5 minutes AFTER they open 9:05.
I explained that this was no where on their app and I was never sent an alert notifying me otherwise. She said she was sorry but that’s the rules!! I was told wait time was now 88 minutes!!!! All before 10am! I was so mad told her what the situation was and they said they were unwilling to work with me and I was welcome to go elsewhere!!
GreatClipsOnlineCheckin needs to put that information up! I also suggest that if someone does manage to check in they should have a reminder notice as well.

By RDS02Stang

Endless loop trying to sign up for wait list

I have tried for about 30 minutes and have read everything on each page. I could not locate anything about times when I could or could not sign up on the wait list.

All I get is a continuous loop on how easy it is to put my name on the list by selecting the dot on the map for my location, I do that but do not receive the page that shows available times nor a way to sign up.

What I do get is the store info page again telling me to select the map dot for my location and to fill out the time slot with my name and info - it’s that simple - but wait when I select the map dot I go back to the stores info page.

Over and over again - I am presuming I cannot sign up until the store is open so I wait and exactly 5.75 minutes - 7 minutes after store is to open I get the message that the wait list is full. So I am to presume that all these people get their name on the list within the first seconds after the list is supposedly open for sign ups.

This is one seriously messed up app - I’ve written software for the last 40+ years, long before monitors were used for writing apps and GreatClipsOnlineCheckin tops the worst I’ve used in a long time.

Just pathetic in user interface and it’s even worse for my mother who loves a particular stylist and tries to get on the list - she can’t see everything and has to rely on her nurse to set things up - just because she is a little hard in seeing.

By Mikiemonday8

Fix App

Well GreatClipsOnlineCheckin was working fine for the past few years. When I recently checked in to the same location I always use and showed up, they didn’t have me in the system. I was checked in on the other side of town. Very frustrating because now I’m waiting an hour for a cut when I showed up on time for the scheduled cut. Developers need to add the address in the check-in location. Last time I get a cut at Great Clips due to app issue. Developers need to look into this ASAP. Updates and bug fixes help your business.

Update: So I let the staff know I was going to sit in my truck due to no seats in the lobby. My wait time was 45 minutes. I walked back in at 38 minutes and see my name not on the screen. I told the employee I already check in about 40 minutes ago and told them I had to sit in my vehicle due to no seats available. They never notified me. They wanted to put me on the list again to be last. I was 8th the first time. Now I’m 4th? Nope I’m done with Great Clips. Never again!

By DtownDann

Love Great Clips........ but Rhonda is best hands down!!

I’ve been going to great clips for over a year now and Rhonda at Great Clips of Downingtown PA is nothing short of amazing!! Rhonda has cut my hair each time I’ve gone in to the salon and she has gotten me the most amounts of compliments said to me when she does my cut. She is very professional and has a great cheer about her with stories she and I chat about while getting my hair done. Great Clips you have an amazing gem working for you and you should do whatever it takes; shout outs, raises, private helicopter to take her to and from the salon out to lunch daily to keep her forever! Thank you again Rhonda for being amazing and cheers to you Great Clips for her being there to cut hair for this Downingtown Great Clips.

Daniel Frontini

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By mr. jb7


I’m theory GreatClipsOnlineCheckin should be very helpful, but I have had too many frustrations.

Recently, I planned on going to the salon after work. I kept an eye on the wait time in the hour leading up to when I would leave, and the wait time remained under 10-min, which I thought was good. I didn’t want to check in too early, because sometimes my check-in expires in as little as 30-mins which has happened to me several times. (The employees even told me that the drop-off time is not consistent but can be as early as 30-min). Anyways, I was going to be leaving soon, and so I checked in, with the wait-time estimated to be 15-min. Perfect. I arrived almost exactly 15-min later, and they told me that several of their stylists just left and my wait time will be an additional 20-min. Really?? This isn’t the first time I have had this happen.

It would be one thing if I could check in 30-60 minutes in advance so that my spot is reserved on the list, but the fact that my check-in could randomly expire before I arrive is pretty stupid.

And regarding employees leaving, this should be accounted for either by having the software factor this into their estimations, or by staggering the departure times for employees, or by allowing employees to stick around if there is a long queue in the waiting list.

I have been frustrated far too many times and I am ready to be done with Great Clips.

By Soupcups

Joell rocks

My son and I’ve been going to this great clips for a few years now and we have never been disappointed. Although every stylist there seems to do a great job, we only go to Joell because she gets it right every time. She is very friendly and has actually interesting and non obtrusive conversation and always does a fantastic job on our hair. My son is a little particular with his hair, he’s lucky cause it’s long and curly, not like a girl’s hair long and curly but good looking boy’s hair long and curly. It’s unfortunate that he has such a Down syndrome looking face though but we love him anyways. He is special in that he still doesn’t know how to read even at 16 years old, but he sure makes you laugh when you look at him.

By Medreeze

App saves so much time!

First and foremost, my stylist, and the entire team at the Avondale fiesta store are awesome, engaging, and full of positive energy.

As for GreatClipsOnlineCheckin , it is a MUST! You can check in a whole hour before you plan on getting there. And when you arrive you are most likely at the front of the line. It is advantageous to those on the move, balancing time around errands, that you’ll begin to laugh under your breath when the stylist asks arriving customers if they’re checked in online only for the customer to reply no. The time saved is priceless!
You’ll see your wait, if it’s short you can go immediately. If it’s long you can take your time getting there knowing your place in line is reserved.

By DafyddSchatz

“We do not provide masks for our customers”

Oroville,California. I frequent this place often. Usually twice a week. $18*2=$36. Now add the tip. I tip very generously. $7 to 10$. 4 girls were sitting in salon chairs waiting on a customer. I usually have a mask but stoped wearing one after I got vaccinated. The CDC agrees with my decision. They couldn’t provide a disposable mask or would service my needs with out one as they require. For an industry that suffered greatly, they were ok with a customer walking away. I then went to Angelina and the Hair man located at 2055 Mitchell Ave, Oroville California. They were extremely busy and guess what? They squeezed me in and didn’t require a mask since I was vaccinated. $18 for a hair cut and $12 for a tip. Found my new “go to” spot for haircuts. I hope everyone dumps Great Clips and goes to a local place insteadZ Oroville has so many hair cut options. I am ashamed Now that I’ve wasted my money on a corporate place instead of a Man or Woman trying to make a living.

By TKing Ventures, LLC

A solid 4 out of 5

App is very basic but easy to use and navigate. All of the bare minimum “must haves” or essential options are included however GreatClipsOnlineCheckin lacks the necessary enhancements to receive a 5 star review. Over the past 15 years I’ve helped more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies (including a direct competitor of Great Clips) build, improve, or revamp their mobile apps so for me it was easy to spot the ways Great Clips could improve the user experience and improve GreatClipsOnlineCheckin . For example, I’d like to see an improved map & GPS integration as well as the opportunity to put products in my cart that I’d pay for and pick up once I arrive for my appointment. Those are just two ways I will mention that could improve GreatClipsOnlineCheckin and receive a 5 star review.


Time left on app = different than in shop

GreatClipsOnlineCheckin needs better time structure.
I checked in to GreatClipsOnlineCheckin and it told me 36 minutes till haircut, so I went home and periodically checked GreatClipsOnlineCheckin to make sure I was on time. I checked back the first time and it said 25 minutes left, then 18 minutes left, then 8 minutes left, and finally 1 minute left. I then went to the great clips location and they informed me that I was first in line for the past 20 minutes and so I was booted from the queue. I now am behind 4 people and have a 25 minute wait....... while waiting for my first check in, I had push notifications turned on and was checking GreatClipsOnlineCheckin every several minutes and still I got no notification inside GreatClipsOnlineCheckin or from the push notifications that I was first in line. There must be a way inside GreatClipsOnlineCheckin that it tells you when it bumps you because there was no way of me knowing it was time to come in! That is until they took me off the queue.

By Asilmser

Easy to understand and use

Easy to understand and use. You choose the Salon from a map with wait times displayed for each, choose the number of people to check in, arrive within the estimated window, and you are usually number 1,2,or 3 on the list. It’s not an exact science, because haircut times, staffing, and other factors can affect the estimates. As long as people realize they might have to wait a LITTLE BIT (0-20 min), this is a great system. Way better than walking in and hoping for the best. On rare occasions, the system goes down or something odd happens with GreatClipsOnlineCheckin update, but I’ve been using it since shortly after it came out and only had that happen a couple of times. I always feel bad for the walk-ins who have not checked in online.

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By BigMike5582

Great Service

I've been going to Great Clips for about 4 yrs and at first it was hard cause I never got the haircut I was actually happy with my bangs would get cut to short. But I was having different people cut my hair I have been going to the same girl now for about 3 years. She is very sociable and funny and she always gives me a great haircut. I've been to other places to get my haircut and. None match up to Great clips the entire staff is friendly and very sociable and it's very affordable nothing beats 13 dollar haircuts I've paid 20 for a haircut and wasn't happy with it at all. I would highly recommend Great Clips and the staff to family and friends.


Need to extend the amount of time an online check-in is held for

I checked-in yesterday via GreatClipsOnlineCheckin & when I arrived, my reservation had been removed because it took me "too long" to get there. You need to extend the time that an online check-in is held for.

Also, factor into the wait calculation the stylists schedule, not just how many are on the floor at the time of the reservation! I checked to one location that was 19 minutes and by the time I arrived 15 minutes later the wait should have been about 4 min, right? Wrong, 2 stylists had just left and now the wait was 38 more minutes. So, I check GreatClipsOnlineCheckin again and another store 2 miles away was only 5 minute wait. By the Time I got there it was 14 minutes; a stylist had just clocked out again and left with 5 people in the waiting area and a total of 9 checked in.

Or, the stylists should stay until the que has gone down; not leave with 10 customers in line...

By .,.,l.,k,.,

Who cares?

I called in and was placed on their wait list and when I arrived I checked in with my phone number and waited a short time for my turn.
My name was called and the hairdresser read off my desired hair cut, she thought, I said I don’t know what a #3 is but, I would like it cleaned up or something to that effect AND then it went down hill.

I jumped out of the chair and shouted, “That’s not me!” as the young lady took a huge chunk of hair off the side of my scarp just above my ear.
I found out then what a #3 was.
Apparently, there was another person with the same name as mine who was also waiting.

I was in a wedding in 2 days. “It won’t grow back that soon” she said. That’s when I chucked the chair through their window (not really).
It was the manager’s comment that worsened the ‘mistake’ and really caused me to overheat.

I was standing in the middle of their salon, still wearing the apron, while three of them were at the counter trying to figure out why I was getting a ‘buzz’ cut as everyone else in the salon looked on curiously.

Then the manager walks over and says to me, “Are you ready!?”
Am I ready? I sure don’t think I looked ready to sit back down in ‘that’ chair.
Maybe an apology would have been more effective. I know I would have felt a ‘ting’ better. (Am I ready?!)

A long story: (Just make sure they know who you are.)

By L_M_B1970

Convenient, But Needs Improvement

I like the convenience of GreatClipsOnlineCheckin . Knowing what the wait time is helpful. If it’s a long wait, I can use the time to run other errands or grab a bite to eat.
My chief complaint it that the “Haircut Reminder” feature does not work. Every time I try to set a reminder I get a “Oops-Request failed:unauthorized (401)” message. I’m one of those people who have to have reminders for pretty much everything, so the fact that the reminder feature doesn’t work is irritating.
A list of stores added to the map would be quite useful. I get kinda aggravated with the map, especially if there are several stores in one small area. I don’t think I’m the only one who finds this bothersome.
Until improvements are made, my three-star rating will stand.

By Thrall babies

Essential App for Great Clips Customers

If you already go to Great Clips for your haircuts, or are planning on trying them out, GreatClipsOnlineCheckin is a must have. Online check-in makes this errand fit easily into any schedule, which is the primary function of GreatClipsOnlineCheckin. The way they present this functionality also relays some additional info, like showing you all the locations in your area, as well as their est wait time. This helps to pick one that's fits your schedule the best, and will usually help indicate which location truly has the best stylists (comparatively high wait time for the best locations in an area).

By OnlineReview Nickname

Great Clips (Dallas Hwy and Barrett Pkwy in Marietta / West Cobb)

Location is generally well staffed and keeps people getting their appointments done quickly. Online check in system works great. For me I found a particular stylist that I really liked and communicate with them directly to schedule my appointment. Doubt if that stylist is not available the others are great. Consistent customer service at a very high-level, standard business practice is very polite and courteous. The products they have available are very good and their stylist or knowledgeable and what products work best. I highly recommend this location.

By Ke-Loh

App is broken. 4 star when fixed.

The Ap is broken. Once I have checked in, my estimated wait time is not displayed. The current wait time is displayed in its place. This isn’t an issue when there is no wait time or the wait time is under 1/2 hour. In those cases a person will just go in. They won’t check back with the ap. Once the wait time gets over 1/2 hour people will check back to GreatClipsOnlineCheckin to see when they should go in. Only now GreatClipsOnlineCheckin tells them their est wait time is 45 minutes (which is the current wait time not their est wait time), when really their est wait time is 15 minutes. This creates a negative feedback loop that results in customers not coming in and salons with 45 min wait times and no customer in the store.

Fix the bug and it’s a 4 star app. Fix the blind guys issues and it’s 5 stars.

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By Dupped By Sonic

Can’t check in until store opens

It was 8am and I downloaded GreatClipsOnlineCheckin and tried to checkin for when the store opened at 9am. I wanted to be first in the cue. I kept selecting the location but the field to fill in name wasn’t showing. I kept trying over and over and finally gave up thinking GreatClipsOnlineCheckin had a glitch. Later in the day I tried and had no problems. It was then I realized, it was because location wasn’t open at the time I was using in the morn. You should have that noted somewhere, can’t sign in until the store is opened. I had considered removing GreatClipsOnlineCheckin when I thought it was a glitch. Other than that, very easy app to use.

By Dellett

Online Check-in is great

I have been using online check in for at least a year or more and I am so glad that they finally did this. There were some significant glitches in the beginning, but they are mostly gone now.
I would say that it works correctly at least 90% of the time.
In addition, the estimated time and the actual time are often significantly different; sometimes less, more often longer. I am sure that they can improve on this, but there will always be a difference due to human unknowns. Regardless, my place in line has never been affected as far as I am aware.
Good job Great Clips! Thank you!

nick 11 months ago

app will not longer open on phonewaste too much time wading through countless ads to get to helpwill immediately delete app and go elsewhereno action needed on your end

Jason scott 1 year ago

I have used the online check in four times. Each time i arrive i wait until eveyone in the waiting area is helped regardless if they used online check in. I did ask. I've waited at least half an hour past my online time every time. Just frustrating because it throws off the rest of the plans for the day.

Kevin kane 2 years ago

I’ve never had as much problem is I’ve had with trying to check in online. I tried shutting off my VPN, going to a different browser, and nothing seems to work. Extremely frustrating will cut my own hair

J. Hunter 2 years ago

#1 Can't make an appointment when the store is closed, only during operating hours.#2 You cannot pick a time, when you sign in, the clock starts#3 If it says wait time 30 minutes and they finish a cut in 20 minutes and you are not there yet, you get removed from wait list.#4 I know the workers do not get paid much but when you try and suggest how you want to get your hair cut, many of them act like they know better than you how your hair should be cut. I asked for a professional cut and went home looking like a Marine. (No offense to Marines)

Tom 2 years ago

You check in on the app it says 19 minute wait time you get there in 10 minutes and your wait time is 19 minutes. Weird. Also if your wait time says 19 minutes and there is 6 people that walk in front of you your wait time is 45 minutes to an 1 hour. You might as well delete the app and just walk in. It doesn’t help having it.

Is Great Clips Online Check in Safe?

Yes. Great Clips Online Check-in is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 431,507 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Great Clips Online Check in Is 23.8/100.

Is Great Clips Online Check in Legit?

Yes. Great Clips Online Check-in is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 431,507 Great Clips Online Check-in User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Great Clips Online Check in Is 48.7/100..

Is Great Clips Online Check-in not working?

Great Clips Online Check-in works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why is online check in unavailable at Great Clips? ›

Online Check-In is not available the first five minutes after the salon opens to allow customers who are physically at the salon time to be checked in and have their names added to the waitlist.

How much do you tip for a great clip haircut? ›

20 percent is the most common tipping percentage in the hair industry. Tipping anywhere from 20 to 25 percent is a great range for anyone who is a salon regular or just received a haircut they love. Tipping properly is a great way to strengthen the relationship with your stylist.

Why is it not letting me check-in online? ›

So if you can't check in online, it may be a sign that you're being held back for a later flight. In some cases, a space can become available at the last minute, which is why you're then able to check in at the airport as if nothing's happened.

Is it OK to not check-in online? ›

For a short-haul flight where you are only taking hand luggage, checking in online saves a lot of time and is therefore much better than checking in at the airport. If, on the other hand, you have to check in bulky luggage, it is better to use the classic check-in at the airport for security reasons.

Is $5 a good tip for a $15 haircut? ›

Tipping like 10-15% has been my norm. $5 is fine. I usually don't have change smaller than that. And I only go to the barber that does a good job.

Is $5 a good tip on a $25 haircut? ›

So whether you get a basic trim, a blowout, or a major color change (like the super-trendy blue hair you've been saving on IG), 20 percent is a rule of thumb. Here's a simple guide if quick math also isn't your strong suit: $25 service = $5 tip. $50 service = $10 tip.

What do you tip for a $20 haircut? ›

Remember the golden rule: "You should tip 20% on the entire service cost, not per individual," says Schweitzer. So if your haircut and blow-dry cost $40 total, and your color was $60, your total service cost comes to $100. That means you should tip $20 divided between the colorist and stylist.

What does it mean if you can't check-in online? ›

Sometimes, you'll be unable to check-in online. This typically happens on an international flight where the airline needs to verify your passport, visas, and other travel documents in person before allowing you to board.

What if I am not able to web check-in? ›

Airport check-in: If you are unable to resolve the issue online, you can always complete the check-in at our airport counter. Arrive early with sufficient time for the procedures.

What does check-in not available mean? ›

If you're getting a message saying, "Check In is not available to send to this recipient," make sure both devices are running on iOS 17 or later. You can tweak the notification settings if you need to.

Why can't I check-in online for tap? ›

Online check-in is not available if you are asked to confirm the details credit card that you used to make your reservation in person at a TAP desk or during check-in; The service is available for passengers with a confirmed reservation on flights operated by TAP or TAP Express (flights numbered from 1 to 3999);

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