The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana (2024)


CLARK On Monday, March 29, 1880, at 7:30 JEFF. DAVIS, youngest son 19 of Anne E. and the late Thaddeus Clark, aged years. is friends and those of the family are respeettally invited to the attend the of funeral, his which in take place from residence Carondelet uncle, Pooley, 735 street, on Tuesday, at 4 o'clock, P.M. CUMFORT- On Sunday, March 28, two 1880, at P.ME., IDA CATHERINE, aged years Tre months and Thomas twenty-tour and days, Mary youngest Modaughter of Gaugh.

The funeral will take place from the residence of her parents, No. 195 St. Joseph street, on Monday Evening, March 20, at 4 o'clock. The friends of the family, 88. well as those of her ascle, James Cumfort, are respectfully invited to attend.

TO SELL IMMEDIATELY, A GROCERY, doing a fair business. Apply at No. 355 Carondelet street. Meeting Crescent of this Company is called for Rifles, Attention! -A TUES. DAY, Starch 30th, at P.

M. as Every the member in requested to report promptly, meeting urgent. R. B. PLEASANTS, Captain.

W. FLOWER, lat Sergeant. mh30- 1t BENEFIT FOR NEWSBOYS BRANCH Y. M. C.

-BYProf. Willoughby Reade, (SPECIAL REQUEST,) ATYOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION HALL, Wednesday Night. 50 cents. Pupils of all the Schools. 2t 25 centa.


NEW ORLEANS, March 27, 1880. SPECIAL MEETING Monday, March 29, at 7:30 P.M. Punctual attendance is requested, as busines importance is to be transacted. By order: JNO. F.

McCABE, Foreman. VI. DAWSON, Recording Secretary. SuModE Attention To the Citizens of the Thir. teenth Ward.

All persons favoring the nominaton of Gen. WINFIELD SCOTT HANco*ck for the Presidency are respectfully invited to attend a meeting which will be held on MONDAY, March 29, at P. at the corner of Laurel and Upperline streets, for the purpose organizing a Hanco*ck Club. E. L.

BOWER, The Members of the Committee having the mangement of the Entertainment to take place at the St. Charles Theatre, April 7, for the benefit of the Irish. Sufferers, will meet in the Kerning Star Hall, MONDAY EVENING, at Lo'clock, to cone nde arrangements. All gentleInterested in the cause are invited to atmh28- SCIENTIFIC DENTISTRY. Dr.

J. H. Maloney, Josephine, corner Camp street, FOURTH DISTRIOT, NEW ORLEANS. Beautiful Artificial Teeth INSERTED WITHOUT PAIN, at prices less than elsewhere. Teeth Filled Without Pain, rendering them serviceable for years.

Children's Teeth REGULATED SUCCESSFULLY. Teeth Extracted Without Pain. With an EXPERIENCE of twenty two years the LARGEST DENTAL PRACTICE in New Orleans, combined with the latest improvein the art, the undersigned enables pato have First Olass. Dentistry -Done atEXTREMELY LOW PRICES. He was awarded four first -class prizes, includGOLD MEDAL, the only one conferred for Dental Work.

The public are cordially invited to call and pantne specimens and prices before going else-DR. J. H. MALONEY. and Residence Josephine, corner Camp street.

F27-1stptf The largest assortment of French, Vienna and PANS ever collected one store, in is now ready for inspection at KREEGER'S, 149 Canal street. It may seem incredible, but nevertheless it is a fact, that over Two Thousand Different Styles an comprised in this collection, and it will be worth the time of any one interested in this to devote an hour or two in the examinof this really cheap lot. It would be useto attempt detailed description of them, our readers are earnestly invited to call and for themselves, they will be cheerfully through the stock which ranges in price TEN CENTS to TEN DOLLARS each. One of the novelties we will mention PARASOLS AND FANS, Embroidered by hand to match. addition to the above we have a very choice stock of Parasols and Half Umbrellas, latest novelties of the season.

Also the stock of novelties in Rolled Gold Jewelry, And the largest stock of Rolled Gold Bracelets and Bangles, OVER ONE HUNDRED STYLES. stock of KID GLOVES will be kept up greater degree of completeness than ever at this season the year. Our stock of MITS and Lisle Thread. GLOVES will complete as accessions are received S. G.

KREEGER, 10-1mletp 149 CANAL STREET. MRS. STEWART'S HANDING reopen AND CALISTHENIO ACADEMY Hail. TUESDAY, November 4th, at S. troduce the just new returned from New York, and dances and teach in the new and will reopen Washington her Academy, corner December 10th, at 4 P.

M. streets, For on partion. Wedcall ut residence, corner Pleasant and at 10 A. M. Store.

and terms, call P22- at Grunewald'e Ascension Strong for Hanco*ck. At a meeting of the Democratio Central Committee of the parish of Ascension, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Resolved, That the Democrats of the par ish of Ascension believe the best interests of Louisiana and of the whole Union demand the nomination of Gen. Winfield 8. Hanco*ck as the Democratio candidate for the Presi dent of the United States, and that our delegates to the 8tate Convention be instructed to support a resolution instructing the State delegates to the Cincinnati Convention to vote for his nomination. Resolved further, That the delegates to the State and Congressional Conventions vote as the majority directe, and that no proxies be allowed except to codelegates.

The following named persons were duly elected as delegates to the State and Congressional Conventions: Allen Thomas, Dr. Burris, J. O. Legaire, R. N.

Sims, Ed. Duffl, B. Gibson, J. L. Brent, Joseph Gonzales, James Teller, J.

C. Cofleld, E. N. Pugh, R. T.

Hanson, Resolved, That a copy of the above resolations be sent for publication to che Picayune and Democrat. A true copy: E. N. PUGH, Seo'y, D. C.

Com. Amusing Scenes in the House. WASHINGTON, March of Miesouri, a dapper, boyish-looking little fellow, 18 brought in, attired faultlessly in full dress. He has evidently been pulled from the pleasures of social lite, and torn from dalliance at beauty's side. His appearance is greeted with a roar of laughter, and the House with difficulty quiete Itself enough to hear his excuse, and is evidently threefourthe minded not to excuse him, just for the tun of the thing.

Very demurely he begins, but he makes a ten-strike. It has been the height of my ambition. since I have been a member of this House, to catob the Speaker's eye," gays this struggling member, this is and the the first House time is I have instantly been agog; able "and 1t." That was all, but the House sees the point and roars. Frost's wit has saved him, and he is exeused. Steele, of North Carolina, a smooth-faced, bald-beaded, benevolent-looking old gentleman, with a pink complexion and a fringe of white hair, takes the Reading Clark's desk and recites Tom O'Shanter's ride as his ex cuBe.

It serves the purpose, for the House is in good humor, and excuses all who are brought in, including Goode, of Virginia, notwithstanding the fact that he gave as his excuse a belief that the House had sense enough to adjourn. A parrot took the witness stand in a London police court a fortnight ago. The bird was claimed by Mrs. Tanner, who said that It had escaped from its cage and been caught by Mr. Isaace, who refused to give it Mr.

isaacs admitted that he had caught the parrot, but disputed Mrs. Tanner's ownership. Mre. Tanner said the bird could pot talk much, but could say Mother quite plainly. Mr.

Isaace said it was in the habit of saying My, lord." The magistrate directed that the parrot should be kept for some hours to see if it verified either statement. During the afternoon the bird gave such satisfactory evidence in favor of Mrs. Tauner's statement that the magistrate said there was not the slightest doubt that it belonged to her. and he, therefore, ordered it to be restored to her. Fellman's NEW SPRING GOODS.

Special Announcement for This Week. We have and are still receiving DAILY NEW GOODS, per express, steamer, railroad and every conveyance, and are offering everything in our line at prices that will please the most fastidious buyer. The Silk Emporium of the South. THE CHEAPEST SILKS EVER OFFERED. Lot of Handsome Striped SILKS at 50 cents.

A large line CHINEY, and some of the very newest styles SILKS from 75 to 90 cents. A beautiful article in striped and polka dots. Foulard Satins. 27 inches wide at $1. 50 pieces Black Silks, Of the most celebrated makes, comprising Guinet, Schroeder, Ponson, from 75c.

to $2 50. These goods having been purchased for much less than importation price, FOR CASH, we are enabled to offer special inducements. Black Grendines. We are displaying a rare assortment in this! line of goods, Brocaded. Batin-Striped Gutpure pattorns, at From 65c.

to $2 50 per Also in Plain Grenadine, fine and iron from 35c. to $1 25. 50 pieces Jet Black Buntings at 15c. 40 pieces fine French Black Lustre (Bantings, from 30 to 40c. 10 pieces Black Lining Silks, from 40 to 60c.

A well selected line of COLORED GRENADINES, From 65c. to $1 25. 10 cases French Batiste at 10c. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN VICTORIA LAWNS, At 10, 121, 15 and 20c. Also in Piques, Pinid Nainsooks, Paris Musline and Perman Lawns.

6 cases new style Linen Lawns, from 7 to 35c. 20 cases best American Prints at 6c. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN WHITE LINEN GOODS. Special attention given to country orders. Samples and Price List sent to all parts of the country free of charges.

Fellman 137 Canal street 137 mh28-1stp8m The Evening Picayune. NICHOLSON PROPRIETORS MRS. E. NICHOLSON, GEO. NICHOLSON MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 29, 1580.

AMUsem*nTS THIS EVENING. BIDWELL'S ACADEMY OF MUSIO-Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West's Minstrels. GRAND OPERA HOUSE- The Pirates of Penzance." D'Oyly Carte's Opera Company. ST. CHARLES THEATRE -The Midgets.

FRENCH OPERA Prof. Cromwell's Art Illustrations. Authors who write should have the advantage of a copy right. The anti-Tilden delegates will make the old gentleman ante up. Mayor Cooper advises the Salvation Army to hire a hall.

The brass bands are all willing 1 to turn out for Grant. A self-made man ought to understand himself thoroughly. Successful gamblers are men of winning manners. The color blind pilot must go; but he must not go as pilot. The rage for old furniture keeps the -hand dealers busy.

Newspaper reporters all attend church on Easter Sundays. O'Leary has made $60,000 by: jadicious use of his legs. A man may be worse than he ought to be, but he cannot be any better. One who looks too early for beautiful spring may get his eyes full of dust blown by a cold March wind. Stilted opera singers hold the mistaken idea that one must flat to be natural.

Keene, the grain speculator, will eventually get cornered in This wheat buy and buy." A dire calamity overtakes a man when he is obliged to see a barber in order to keep his whiskers black. When a man is beside himself he should be put in the hands of his friends. Old Probabilities is a great natural instructor. He is keeping the mornings cool. When an Indian woman appeals for charity she generally has a baby to back her.

A move to avoid payment of rent will be made in New York on the first of May. Boucicault is playing "Divorce." He ought to be ashamed of himself, old and baldheaded as he is, and with a family of grown up children. There are numerous things that the oldest inhabitant does not remember, and one is rain on Easter Sunday. A young man in a saloon where they play cards keeps himself very busy between draw poker and draw beer. If the father of his country were alive to-day he would find his child considerably grown since the days when he governed it, and more difficult to manage.

As soon as the color-blind pilots are all discharged, a man with a red nose can walk on the river banks without having the steamboats whistle at him. St. Paul commanded that all breth-. ren should be greeted with a holy kiss. In delivering a charge to a new pastor the word 66 brethren should be spoken in italics.

A man without ancestors is needed to go as Minister to the Court of St. James, so that he may not spend his time studying handbooks of peerage and becoming a snob. A parrot has been allowed to give evidence in an English police court. There is one advantage in employing such witnesses, and that is found in the fact that they cannot be bribed. P.S.

Gilmore is essentially a leader of brass. Looking down upon Theodore Thomas, late of Cincinnati, he says: "I care not who does the fidding for my country, so long as I write her anthems." The following is from the Lonisville Courder Journal: There are three sisters in Jessamine county--Martha, Mary and Margaret Deboe-wD0 were born to the same parents in the same hour, in the year 1827, they being now in their 59d year. Such has been the affection of these children for each other that they have gone but little into society, and have resolutely maintained a life of celibacy even unto this day. When just verging into womanhood their father (who is now dend) exacted from them. a vow never to marry and nover to separate until death.

And this promise they nave religionsly kept. A crowd of high girls in Harrisburg one day last week had a desire to make their clase-room smell as if a inan was around. To effect their object a package of cigarettes was purchard and a smoking congress instituted. The dootere were hastily called and worked all night, but nobody died. THE SPEAKER.

When the Speaker of the House was elected by an overwhelming vote of his colleagues, he was recommended, if we are not mistaken, by the unanimous voice of the city press. Many kind things were said of him, and many flattering praises were bestowed on his intelligence and capacity for public business. It is gratifying to note that Mr. Ogden has justified these praises, and fulfilled the anticipations which were formed of him at the time of his election. He has had no easy task.

At all times the duties of a presiding officer are hard and thankless, but they have been surrounded by peculiar difficulties at this session of the Legislature -the first under a new constitution which prescribes duties sometimes not very well defined, and frequently subiect to conflicting, interpretations. There have, too, been questions before the House which have given rise to heated controversy and even violent dispute, to quiet which without arousing resentment, or hazarding the charge of arbitrary ruling, required rare ability and perfect self-command. These qualities Mr. Ogden bas shown in the highest degree. We do not say that, in the judgment of the Picayune, his rulings, have always been correct.

There have been occasions on which the Picayune disagreed with him; but he has never, we believe, made a ruling in a purely arbitrary spirit, and, on examination we have always found that he had authority for his decisions. It is pleasant to know that the gentleman whom the Picayune, in common with its city contemporaries, supported for the dignified position which he now holds, has made so fair an impreesion, and has done such good service. TOPICS OF THE DAY. A tramp lately killed himself at Lancaster, becanse a magistrate refueed to send to prison. Boston culture is rot to be laughed at when it takes a practical turn.

A young Maine farmer not long since marr ed a girl from the 4bno well up in the 4 He didn't like it much at first when he found her neglecting the cows and pecking away at the rocke; but when she discovered gold and he was told that his farm was worth $50,000, he manifested a marked respect for blue stockings. Not many men would be grateful for the dangerous honor recently conferred upon Count Melikoff; but the Czar made him a speech upon the occasion of his appointment, which though it could not render him bullet-proof, must have put him upon his metal. "My dear General," said the Czar, "I am very sorry to offer you, in all probability, as a target for the Nihiliste. But as it is my duty to appoint to office the worthlest men, I cannot possibly spare you. Let us hope that the assassins will, continue to aim at me alone." Eugene Fairfax Williamson, the persecutor of Dr.

Dix, should be taught that there is a practical way of dealing with the nuisance known as practical joking, His unwarrantable behavlour toward a venerahle clergyman has not even the merit of originality. The trick was first played by Theodore Hook. in London; but he confined his attack to a single day, and he selected viotims whose profession did not a confer upon them that immunity from sport which a venerable and distinguished servant of the Church is entitled to. The pupils in the Boston public schools have just been examined with reference to color blindness. 14,469 male students were examined and 608 were color blind: but out of 13,358 female students? only 9 were color blind.

Nearly the same percentage was discovered by experiments in Europe, The question, therefore, suggests Itself whether the human male is by nature more defective in vision than his sister. It may be that the superiority of the girls is due to the fact that they are more thoroughly trained in the discrimination of colors. Physiciane and scientists, however, are of the opinion that color blindness is hereditary and cannot be cured. The following little story is taken from the N. Y.

Sun. Though it conveys a warning, we should say that there is inore point than moral to it: At a social game of poker a Virginia City merchant recently won an undeveloped gravel claim, near Nevada City, and was janghed at. He said, with some strong language, that he'd show 'em a trick or two. and after salting" his gravel bed with $500 worth of gold dust and small nuggers, induced Eastern capitalists to examine his rich claim. They did so, bought it of him for $2000, and in the first threa weeks took 88000 out of the claim.

Then the Virvinia City merchant was very much diegusted with himself. WEATHER FACTS. The Bignal Officer at this station reports a8 follows: Highest temperature in New Orleans on 8unday. aud the lowest during Sunday night. 550.

At 10 A. M. Monday the thermometer stood at Clear and cooler weather prevails in the West Gulf States and Mississippi Valley. DEATHS FOR THE WEEK. The total number of deaths for the week ending Saturday, March 27, was 109.

of these 36 were white males, 29 white females, 21 colored males, and 23 colored females; 9 died in the Charity Hospital, 1 in an orphan asylum, and 3 in other institutions; 15 were certified to by the Coroners. 1 was a native of British Amerios, 2 of England, 1 of Finland, 2 of France, 3 8 of Germany, 12 of Ireland, 2 of Spain, 1 of land, 1 of the West Indies, 67 of Louisiana, 16 of other States and 1 not stated. The principal causes of death were: Consumption, malarial fevers, pnuemonia, and heart disease, 5. There were 6 still birthe. The death rate, per 1000 per annum, eatimateing the city al 210,000, was 26.90.

LATEST TELEGRAPH FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. LONDON. The King of Siam Proposes to Take a European Tour- -Parnell Meets with Rough Reception at Enniscorthy -The Situation at Afghanistan, LONDON, March The King of Siam will leave Baugkok early in April to visit the chief capitals of Europe. After short stay in England he will start for the United States. Mr.

Pernell, attempting to address an election meeting at Enniscorthy last week, was received with yells, groans and a discharge of rotten eggs. He gave up the attempt to speak. He was hit in the face by an orangeman, caught around the waist and nearly hurled from the platform. A Lahore dispatch reports that Fort Battie, situated beyond Gandamonk, was attacked Friday. A Lieutenant and twelve men were killed and nineteen Sepoys wounded.

The enemy was repulsed. A Cabal dispatch states that the British Commissioa, at an interview with the chief Seidons, said there would be no permanent annexation and no restoration of the ex Ameer; Afghantetan would be separated into its old constitutional provinces, and the Government would be guided solely by the wishes of the people regardless of race. NEW YORK. NEW YORK, March -A special from London says the Pall Mall Gazette, in commenting on the appointment of commissionere in the Chinese treaty, says that it is a matter which no complication in Europe keep Englaud from closely watching. Americans threaten to become England's most formidable competitors in the far East.

The Gazette observes a growing Inolination in Asiatio countries to use America. which they do not fear, as a foil against Europe, which they fear exceedingly. very alight gain in the shape of a reciprocity treaty would give American trade a decided advantage in Chinesa ports. ENNIS CORTHY, March The canse of the riot here yesterday was follows: Chevalier O'Clery, member for county Wexford in the late Parliament, seeks re As 3 Home Ruler, while Mr. Parnell Las nominated two other candidates as Obstructionists, one of whom is very unpopular Chevalier O'Clery's party, about 1000 strong, took possession of the platform.

When Parnell arrived, accompanied by members of the Ennis Carthy Club, he attempted to get on the platform and was received with sbouts of no His friends were attacked, beaten and thrown down, several with bleeding heads. A body of armed police was drawn up near the platform. and had the Parnell par'y been numerous, the list of casualties would have been very large. PITTSBURG, PA. Murder in a Saloon.

PITTSBURG, March 28. -About 10 o'clock; last night an affray occurred in a saloon at Greensburg, which resulted in the death of a man named Chiselm. It appears that Chiselm's wife ordered MaeDiton, proprietor of a saloon, not to sell her husband liquor. Chiselm, who was comewhat intoxicated, called at the saloon and ordered drinks. which were refueed.

Be then quarreled with Dixon, who knocked him down. Getting up, he walked towards the stove. grumbling, when Dixon hit him a second time, again knocking him down, causing him to fall on his head and breaking his neck. His body was then taken outside and placed against the house, where it was found by the sheriff. Dixon was arrested and lodged in jail this morhing.

He bears a bad reputation, having already served a term in prison. PANAMA. A Mysterious" U. 8. Surveying, Expedition -Correspondence Between the Secretary of State of Panama and the United States Consul.

PANAMA, March The Secretary of the State Government of Panama has addressed a letter to the United States Consul in this city, advising him that there are two American ships of war at Bocas Deltoro, engaged in soundings, surveys and various other operations, examining Laguna of Chiriqui and rivers which empty into it. in a myste rious manner, the operations of which are conducted with no reference to the authorities on shore. The Secretary asks information on the ubject from the Consul. 'The latter answe'8 imply that he has no advices from his Goy rument on the point, knows nothing of the expedition or its objects. and has referred the correspondence to his Government for formation and instructions.

Considerable feeling existe among the natives in consequence of this new8, and the mystery which surrounds the affair rather later sifles the feeling than otherwise. MISCELLANEOUS. WHEELING, W. March On Satur day afternoon explosion ocourred in the Gaston Salt Mines, at Fairmount, W. by which James Reese and James Work ost their lives.

A number of workmen were in the mines at the time, but escaped more or less bruised or burnt. VINEYARD HAVEN, March 29 Yeae day the echoover Je8. Wanesell, of aud from Rockland, for Charleston with a car-0 of lime, ran pabora an a storm at the 80-ith and of Oak Bluffs. She remains tight and will get off wren the weather changee. RIVER, STEAMBOATS.

MEMPHIS. March Arrived Orleans. Departed Vicksburg, Guiding R. Springer for and cool. DOMESTIO 29, -The river is C.

P. Choteau from New Juo. B. Maude for Star for New Orlean-, Cincinnati. Weather clear NEW YORK, March 26, Dotton quiet; sale8 300 bales; Ordinary Good Ordinary 12 3-16, Strict G.

od Ordinary 12 7-16, Low Middling Midoling Middling Orleans 12:45 P. M. -Futures steady; sales March 12.87@12.91, April 12.92 May 13.18@13 14, June 18 July 13.420 13.44, August 13 51 September 13 16 October 12.34 November 11.95 December 11.91@11.93. MONEY, STOCKS, ETC. Valley.

NEW YORK, March 29. Noon.heavy baukers' 3 days 4.83% 4.84% commercial 60 4.88%. FORKIGN MARKETS. -Exchange 60 days days 4 HAVANA: March The sugar market has remained fairly active and firm, but transactions were curtailed by the Eastern bolidays; No. 10 to 12, D.

8., reals, gold. arrobe, Nos. 15 to 20 D. 8. reate, molasses sugar, Nos.

7 to 10, reals, muscovado sugar, common to fair, reals, centrifugal sugar, 96 degrees polarization, in boxes and reals. Stocks in warehouse at Havana and Matanzan, boxes, 83,000 bags and 109 900 hide. Receipts of the week 8500 boxes, baga and 14,600 nbds. Exports and durieg 8000 the week 4500 boxes, 3900 bags including 55 boxes, 8600 bags, and 7600 bhds. to the United States.

Spanish gold Exchange quiet; on United States, 60 days, gold, premium, short eight do. premium, on London premium, on Paris premium. THE PASSES. THE PASSES. PORT EADS, March 29, Noon.

-Wind northwest and light. Arrived: Bark Haloyon, Dickenson master, 45 days from New York, to master; schooner Mattie W. Atwood, Newcomb master, 35 days from Boston, to Norton Bell. Sarah for Havre, and Remittent for Malaga Sailed: Ship Ryerson, for Havre: barks Schooners J. 0.

Macheca, for Ruatan, and Bessie Black, Matanzas. THE GRANT RECEPTION. Appointment of Committees. The committee of citizens appointed to cooperate with the city authorities for the re ception of Gen. Grant met Monday morning in the Mayor's parlor.

Gen. Uyrus Bussey acted as chairman, and Gen. W. M. Owen as secretary.

The following committees were seleoted J. T. Scott, Major Blackmore, W. B. Krumbhaar, Col.

J. C. Denis. Theo. Hellman and Mr.

Britton. FINANCE. Col. Louts Bueh, J. T.

Hardie, 8. Katz, 8. L. Boyd, 8. H.

Buck, Theo. Hellman, W. B. Schmidt, Jno. Phelps, E.

P. Cottreaux, T. C. Herndon, D. C.

Beard and C. L. Walker. J. H.

Oglesby, chairman: C. E. Fenner, Albt. Baldwin, Schrelber, C. G.

Johnson, I. N. Marks, C. H. Lawrence M.

J. Zunts, W. S. Bailey and John F. Raresnide.

The Executive Committee will meet this evening at the St. Charles Hotel. Arrangements will be made for a special train to leave the city Wednesday morning to lueet Gen. Grant. A MORAL CITY.

A gentleman, who has just returned from Washington, was interrogated by a Picayune man as to the condition of morals at the seat of Government. He says there is a wost outrageous eystem of blackmatiing practiced there, and that numbers of men and women make it their special business to conspire against the peace and dignity of the honorable members of Congress. No legislator is safe from their machinations, and une unfortunate Senator, an ptrant for bigher office still, is said to have paid 84000 to a barpy to prevent a disclosure which would have rendered him an object of ridicule throughout the country. The woman, Jessie Raymond, who credited her child to the Senator from Georgia, has left for the South to look after anothar man who disputes the question of paternity. A Story by Capt.

Carter. -Nine Federals, in Sight of Their Army, Captured by Seven Confederates. Historical Society During the retreat of the Contederate army trem Kentucky, (Bragg's invasion,) in the fall of 1862, Col. Basil W. Dake's 18gtment of Morgan's Cavalry tras left by order of Gen.

Kirby Smith at Falmouth to guard the roeda and watch the approach of the Federals, then advancing in large numbers from Cincinnati. Ohio. into the State, the Covington and Georgetown tarnpike being theie centre Jive of march. When they bad reached point about one mile from Walton, Boone county, and camped for the night, Duke left Falmouth about midnight, and by a nard ride reached the turnpike, about equi-distant from Walton and the Federal encamp ment, just as day broke. The advance vidette here reported a Federal picket post of ten men in sight.

Thes3 were captured by a small force under Lient. Messic, going round and in their rear. Duke then ordered Sergeant Will Hays, of Covington, Kentucky, to select six men from the famous guard" and proceed down the pike, find the enemy, and ascertain his position and strength. Hays chose Ash Welsh, of Cynthiana, Joseph M. Jones, or Parie, Thomas Franks, of Holly Springs, Frank Riggs, Hoghes Conradt, and Chapin Bart ett, of Covington, and at once commenced the dangerous mission.

Each man felt the responsibility resting upon him and nerved himself for the worst. The turnpike here was remarkably crooked, and on one side was sheltered by thick growth of small trees, vines, and Weeds. Reaching point about a quarter of a mile from the starting place, and in rounding an abrupt turn in the road cur little squad found themselves plump into a picket stand of sixty-nine infantrymen. In a moment every man of both parties hie gun co*cked and leveled. The seven Confederates were all young and blooded.

and bad, under the lead of Morgan and Duke: faced many forms of danger, bnt ever before were the odds so great against tiem now, and their nettle was to be put to the highest test. With the eye of a soldir, each one realized the perilous position Le and his comrades occupied. Hays at once, in a ringing tone, demanded an immediate surrender, saying that a regiment of tour Morgan's cavalry Was pear ac hand it vas oue quarter of a mile distant), and that if a shut was fired not a Federal snouid alive. The officer- Lieutenant verved bewildered to think that seven men hould ride bold into eixts-blue of his inen und make such a de and especially when not more than 500 sards away the entire Federal army was drawn up as if ready to inarch, their gana and arms glistening in the bright October sun, thee just rising over toe eastern bi Is. Butthe manner in which the demand was made, the bearing of each of the (an federate each to sill lie man" at the word fire -together with the magical Hame of Morgan, combined to and did save th.

m. The uflicer at once surrendered his -word te Jones- -who happened to be imme diately in his tront with his gun drawn on tim-and Hays at once plaved the prisoners in position and ordered a douhle quick bank to The regiment. As the march began a Fed-taliniantey regiment was rapidly. advancing to tbe rescue of their pluket but a turn in the road hid them from view. and they did not follow farther.

The sight was a novel one, even for war times- -seven Confederates driving sixty-bine armed Federal before them as prisovers. Dute, with a company, was 600n met, coming to ascertain the situation of the little squad He was profuse in his compliments to his une for their achievement. The Federala were Michiganders, and the lieutenant's eeme was Clarke. In his history of Morgen and his Men Duke bitefly refers to the fair, but does not give the names of the participants. He uses this language: "This exploit wan, perhaps, never paralleled daring the war." The facts were reparted to Gen.

Morgan, and all of the seven- privates that time- were soon afterward commissioned as officers for gallantry." These gallant troopers deserve to have theirnames enrolled in the future history of the mighty struggle. J. H. CARTER, Late Captain in Morgan's Command. Bailie Verintosh, memper of School Board (who wishes to address the children after luncheon)- Noo, bairns, aw'il jeest tall ye we'ra a'like sheeps some's en poarrt! some's awa' oot med ocean! some's near the haven! Ye're jeest leavin' poarrt! Ash 1' me, aw thenk aw'm aboot hint sheash over (Agreed, nem.

-Punch. An eccentricity of the late Mrs. Gales, of Washington, is recalled by the story of the London beauty who had all her colns scoured before putting them into her purse. If Mre. Gales dropped ber handkerchief on the floor, she would not use it again until it had been washed.

Immediately on retarning home after a walk or a drive. she would change every article of her clothing for fresh garments. LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS. IN THE SENATE. Mr.

Walton, request, introduced a bill relative to vagrants and other suspicious persons. Mr. Newton, by request, Introduced a bill defining the crime of infanticide and providing punishment therefor. The general appropriation bill as passed by the House came up as the special order of the day. Mr.

Nutt moved to postpone consideration of the bill until the regular business before the Senate was acted upon, and the calender exhausted. The motion was lost. On motion of Mr. Robertson, the bill was acted upon item by item. IN THE HOUSE.

Mr. Aitken introduced his resolution, already published, indorsing De Lessee's canal scheme, which was laid over. Mr. Aitken introduced resolution that the House shall adjourn on Saturday, April 10, at 3 o'clock, The author said his object in selecting 3 o'clock was to allow the membera from the Red River parishes to catch the 5 o'clock boat. By a vote of 41 yeas to 58 nays the resolution was adopted.

A motion to reconsider and to table that motion was lost, whereupon Mr. Kavanagh gave notice that he would move at some fature day to rooneider the vote adopting the resolution. A Courtesy to Grant. Mr. Butler presented the following Whereas Gen.

U. 8. Grant has rignitled his intention to visit Louisiana, therefore be it Resolved by the House of Representalives of the State of Louisiana In General Assembly convened, That a joint committee composed of three members of the Senate and five members from the House of Representatives bo appointed by the presiding officers thereof to extend to Gen. U. 8.

Grant a cordial welcome to Louisiana and the hosritality of the same. Be it further resolved, That a copy of this olution be presented to Gen. U. d. Grans upon his arrival.

br. Bulow asked for a suspension of the rules to refer the resolution to the special committee already appointed. but the House refnsed the suspension by a vote of 82 eas to 52 nays. Question of Precedence, Mr. Ogden's resolution, authorizing the Speaker to appoint a committee ot dive to dectde what bills shall be acted on to the exclusion of all other legislation, camp np for Mr.

dieposition. opened the debate in favor of the resolution, urging that ire passage would do much towards putting the new constitution into effect. Mr. Jones offered an amendment that the function of the committee cease when the constitutional legislation is disposed of, Mr. Vincent strongls opposed tho resolution, as he objected to giving men the power to tell the House what measures it should act on.

Mr. Billiu spoke against the resolution and in favor of a conference committee to arrange for joint action upon important bills. While the Senate had previonaly refused to receive the House committee on the same subject, the speaker believed that steps were being taken which would result in the Senate's consenting to act with the House. Mr. Cosgrove was in favor of the renolntion, and intimated that some of the memhere opposed to it desired to have the general lottery law passed, no matter wat constitutional measures might be neglected.

He knew of no steps on foot to induce the Senate to join the House in agreeing on bills to be acted on. He was a member of the Democratie party, and if any meeting was contemplated he had not been asked To attend, and if 1. was proposed to read him out of the party. he wanted to know it. PETRIE'S RETURN, Arrival of the Esenped Convict.

On Monday morning Messrs. Wapenstein, Chief of Police of Cincinnati, and Meade, detective, arrived in the city with Henry Petrie, the escaped convict, who was arrested in Cincinnati a few days since on a requisition from Gov. Wiltz. On the 24th of May, 1872, Petrie was 860- tenced to imprisonment 10 the State Penttentiary for life, having been convicted of breaking and entering Dr. Choppin's dwelling bouse in the night time armed with a deadly weapon.

After remaining in the Penitentiary until the 2d of May, 1874, Petrie succeeded in effecting his escape, and remained at large until a few days since when be was identified in Cincinnati and arrested. He will be sent to the Penitentiary to-mor- row eveniug. CONFIRMATIONS. The Senate confirmed the following nom- nations W. H.

Cessna, Justice of the Peace, pariah of Et. Mary Notaries -T. Wharton Collens and E. Evereste Molae, parish of Orleans; T. F.

Noone, East Feliciana pariah; Raphael DeBloun, parish of St. Martin; Henry Desobry, parish of Iberville; Paul Ory, parish StMartin. THE COURTS. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will be daily in session during the present week, and decisious: will rendered.

The new Judges will take their seats on Monday next, the 5th of April. United States Circuit Court. -The court orders tust in all cases where receivers are appointed, any party having an interest may, at any time, upon proper showing, move the court to increase the amouut of the bonds given by such receivers, or to require additional sureties. BIRTES, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS Recorded at the office of the Beard of Health Monday, March 29: Births. Mrs.

Louis Armand, a son, Feb. 7. Mrs. PL il Wingerter, a sun, March 16. MIs.

A. Dower, a daughter, March 16- Mrs. Thos. Weigley, a con. March 22.

Mra. JoB. Labin, a daughter, Feb. 29- Mrs. Louis Riehm, a son, Feb.

19. Mia. Theo. Forstall. a son, March 22.

Mrs. A. Fletschinger, a son, March 16. Marriages. Jos.

St. Amand to Mias J. Galle. Jean M. Decon to Misa F.

F. Berton. George Peiser Edmenda to Mien Addie Hyams. Aaron to Miss Alice Offner. Barthelemeo Sogliaecich tu Miss Clara Heicey.

Deaths. Mre. Mary A. Sage, 36 years, Claiborne and Marigns, native of Germany, Elbina Wight, 3 months, Algiers. Michael Ireland.

Kilbride, 58 Fears, 371 Thalia, native of Emma R. Eckert, 4 montha, 460 Customhouse. Calhoun Marks, 11 months. 902 Magazine: Mra. Sarah J.

Kewish, 29 years, Port and Dauphine, native of New Orleans. Stephen Maker, 20 years, Algiers. Williams, months, 438 North Ram. part. Lucy, Crimen, 45 years, 11.

Enghien street, native of Ireland. Ine, V. Weber. 31 years. 8t.

Anthony and ah ed. native of New Orleans. Fieter Mary Angella Brown, Convent of ateron HE Andrew street. ora years. 48 Korth Peters.

A mos. c. one month, Joseph and Colk. LEa be veer. Willow and Erato.

no 24 dava. Metairie Ridge.7 007 for purgers. The Grand Schwerin ha conly 2.4 EN of sevents seven year's State almat ac el ve the 0. 1:8 910..

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